Organic Farming at Wellesley College

This blog documents the progress of organic farming initiatives at Wellesley College. A group of students at Wellesley College has worked since 2007 to create and maintain a productive, ecological, and attractive farm throughout the year, and to create awareness of food justice issues in and beyond our community. Stay tuned for pictures and posts about our plans, setbacks, ideas, and harvest! Special thanks to: Jo and Eliza Murphy for getting this farm started [ read about it at: Wellesley Organic Farm. ] ; to everyone at the greenhouse for helping us learn how to farm [ Wellesley College Greenhouse]; and to the members of Regeneration and the Wellesley community for your continued enthusiasm and support! Thanks for stopping by! Your visit is #
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Fall harvest for Family Day at the Davis!

Come buy some veggies and learn about the plot tomorrow (10/11) from 11am-3pm at the Davis Museum Plaza!

Back to school and back on the plot! Some beautiful tomatoes, kale, and squash to end the week. 

Although the end of the summer growing season approaches, there are still lots of tasty things to harvest!

Still on the plot: sunflowers, tomatoes, chives, parsley, celery, cabbage, kale, basil, sage, and more!

It’s looking a little bleak outside, so here are some pictures of our fall bounty to bring some color to your day!

Stop by the leaky beaker at WC Science Center to sample some tasty snack 3-4 PM Tomorrow 11/9/2013!

Regeneration Contra with Perpetual E-motion!

Colorful halloween harvest!

Fall on the plot!

Happy Harvest! This week the plot is lush with fresh greens. With swiss chard, pok choy, lettuce, and blackberries available for sale next week it’s easy to feel the abundance of summer. 

We saw the last of our peas harvested this week, and we are now preparing to fill their old bed with transplanted flowers. Though the EHSA internship will draw to a close in only two weeks, we have plenty of fruits and vegetables to look forward to through the fall (broccoli, carrots, corn, cucumbers and others will hopefully be waiting for us when we return next semester). 



This is a little late, but check out this awesome alum in Louisiana! Amelia, you’re an inspiration!

Here are some updates on the plot. Greenery! Little fruits! Hope for a fall bounty!

Hello internet! Can you think of a better way to start the day than 7 AM compost collection? NOPE, US EITHER.

The summer compost program has been in full swing, with twice weekly food scrap pick ups from Bates and McAfee. We collect the buckets, wash them out, and return them. Here is an adorable photo of us washing out the buckets:


We’ve also started putting shredded paper in the buckets to reduce the smell between collections. Summer residents, let us know if you think this is actually working!


Then, we take the food scraps back to the Regeneration plot, to our 3-bin compost system. We dump the food scraps into the first bin, and then dump a whole bunch of brown matter on top. Today we used a combination of shredded paper and wood shavings from Wellesley’s animal labs. Here’s a satisfying picture of our compost bins:



This is pretty cool. Nice to see what our options are in our summer-long battle against mosquitoes.

Okay folks, here’s the ordering deal: every week, we’ll update the order form, which can be found below this hunk of text, to the right in our list of links, and at the URL We’ll harvest TWICE, TWICE, TWICE weekly! Here’s what some of our customers this summer have said already about the online ordering system:


"Really easy!"

"The radishes and chives were delicious."

…and there you have it. Order today for Thursday delivery or pick up!

Check out this great video by Wellesley Media of the pergola building day we had last semester!