Organic Farming at Wellesley College

This blog documents the progress of organic farming initiatives at Wellesley College. A group of students at Wellesley College has worked since 2007 to create and maintain a productive, ecological, and attractive farm throughout the year, and to create awareness of food justice issues in and beyond our community. Stay tuned for pictures and posts about our plans, setbacks, ideas, and harvest! Special thanks to: Jo and Eliza Murphy for getting this farm started [ read about it at: Wellesley Organic Farm. ] ; to everyone at the greenhouse for helping us learn how to farm [ Wellesley College Greenhouse]; and to the members of Regeneration and the Wellesley community for your continued enthusiasm and support! Thanks for stopping by! Your visit is #
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One of the fruits of this past weekend’s FABULOUS IF WE DARE SAY SO OURSELVES conference was a commitment to forming a college farm alliance!  An EQUALLY FABULOUS conference attendee got right on it by founding a Facebook page to serve as the temporary home of the alliance, until our forthcoming website comes indeed forth. Until then, check out and keep your ears peeled [???] for more updates. 

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